Treatment Options & Protocols

Treatment Options & Protocols

Treatment Options

After a diagnosis has been determined treatment options include:

  • Oral appliances that keep the jaw from falling back into the airway. There are a number of types of oral appliances; many resembling bite guards or athletic mouth guards.
  • C PAP– pressured air which is introduced into the airway through a mask and air pump.
  • Surgery to remove tonsil and palatal tissue to open airways.
  • Lifestyle changes involving exercise, diet, and sleep habits.



Treatment Protocols

Dr. Larson follows protocols recommended by the Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine which set treatment standards for all clinicians involved in the treatment of sleep apnea. These protocols determine procedures used in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of treatment.

Many of Dr. Larson’s patients have tried CPAP unsuccessfully and are looking for a way to treat their snoring or apnea problem.

Dr. Larson was himself diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea which is normalized by wearing an oral appliance. He understands the challenges of sleep apnea from personal experience and brings a caring and sympathetic approach to each patient he sees.
He customizes oral appliances to each patient’s needs after an analysis of oral and jaw structures and a thorough evaluation of the airway with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. He can determine whether you are likely to benefit from treatment before expenses are in incurred.